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HouSe of LeAVeS

December 9th, 2005

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09:51 am - beating the system
The plan worked last night.

To "avoid the crazies," a handful of us stayed after work last night until 7:30. We ordered LaRosa's... mmmmmravioli. (WonderGroup paid for it, too. Rock.) Someone mentioned that we should have ordered dessert, so I broke out the Blue Chip cookies that I won. O providence.

I spent the night hanging Xmas decorations around the office and wrapping all the presents for the families we've sponsored for the holidays.

When we finally left, I remembered how much I love my car. I kicked it into four wheel drive and the ride home was a breeze. There was NO traffic. I just polled the office and it looks like the people who left at FOUR O'CLOCK only beat me home by an average of fifteen minutes. I can't help but find that amusing. Mark Van Patten left at four and got home at eight, and he lives 15 minutes from the office. I strolled in a little before 8:30.

I didn't have time to write the journal entry I'd planned, though. It's still coming. I was just too tired last night, and I had to get up closer to 6 than my usual 7 or 7:30 to be at work in time for a conference call.

Today is the company Xmas party! Can't wait!!

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