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HouSe of LeAVeS

December 15th, 2005

12:25 pm - lock, stock and barrel
Starting with my next post, I'm going to lock my journal so it's friends-only. Basically all I talk about in my journal now is my job, and I should be more careful.

All you have to do to be added to my friends list is comment on this entry. :) Please don't hesitate. This choice was only made for my safety.

Scribe14k: it's sad that you can't just say what you want to say in today's business environment, but everyone's very sensitive...

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December 13th, 2005

10:12 am - add it to the xmas list?
For the organizationally challenged superhero in your life this holiday season, you might consider the Batman Utility Belt Replica from DC Direct. At $350 the benefits of the BUB (as I like to call it) is that is life-sized, lined in genuine leather, only 5lbs and has a special pouch to hold a Batarang, which is sadly not included, as well as 9 spring-activated capsules and among other pluses the belt comes with its own display case. Drawbacks, if they must be considered, is this a limited edition product - there are only 750 of them and the belt comes in one-size only (about 44” long), but then again it is designed for display and not meant to be worn. Ah, one last minor detail, you have to offer your superhero an IOU as the BUB won't be available until February 22, 2006.

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December 9th, 2005

02:25 pm
My recent post rate should indicate how busy I am around the office. :-/ I have a few things to work on but it's too loud and boisterous around here for me to focus. And, I'm sitting in a cubicle... that is BARE other than this laptop! That's right... everything else is moved into my new, hideous office!

I have plenty of plans to make the office MINE, but it's going to take a lot of work. The walls are horrible, and I'm not allowed to paint. I'm thinking of getting a staple gun and some Batman sheets. ;)

Anyone have any cool decoration ideas? I don't have much to work with right now. I am considering waiting until after Xmas and getting some plain red Xmas lights and putting them up year-round. (Nickname at work: Red.)

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11:26 am
Here's something that makes me mad. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4508158.stm

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09:51 am - beating the system
The plan worked last night.

To "avoid the crazies," a handful of us stayed after work last night until 7:30. We ordered LaRosa's... mmmmmravioli. (WonderGroup paid for it, too. Rock.) Someone mentioned that we should have ordered dessert, so I broke out the Blue Chip cookies that I won. O providence.

I spent the night hanging Xmas decorations around the office and wrapping all the presents for the families we've sponsored for the holidays.

When we finally left, I remembered how much I love my car. I kicked it into four wheel drive and the ride home was a breeze. There was NO traffic. I just polled the office and it looks like the people who left at FOUR O'CLOCK only beat me home by an average of fifteen minutes. I can't help but find that amusing. Mark Van Patten left at four and got home at eight, and he lives 15 minutes from the office. I strolled in a little before 8:30.

I didn't have time to write the journal entry I'd planned, though. It's still coming. I was just too tired last night, and I had to get up closer to 6 than my usual 7 or 7:30 to be at work in time for a conference call.

Today is the company Xmas party! Can't wait!!

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December 8th, 2005

03:05 pm - why not just update a few more times?
Just returned from an Ad Club luncheon, where they had a speaker that had a big part in starting Ogilvy & Mather's Real Women campaign for Dove. It was really awesome-- probably the best speaker I've heard from Ad Club. In content, if not in style. I learned a few things and got some great insight.

AND I won a door prize. Without exaggerating: every single time I have been to any luncheon, someone at WonderGroup wins a door prize. They always do door prizes, and we always win one. No matter how many people are there. No many how many prizes there are. This time it was me. Blue Chip cookies! Delish.

I have a post planned for when I get home... should be pretty interesting but it's in depth enough that I need to wait until I'm not on the clock, I think. This one should have waited too, but whatever.

Oh, and everyone's freaking out about The Blizzard. We're in a severe snow warning from 3 to 6... it's past 3 and not even snowing in the least. Still, we scheduled a conference call around the impending avalanche. *sigh* I bet it'll happen on the drive home.

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11:00 am - dream on you little girl
I had a really odd dream last night. The kind that leaves you with residual emotion when you wake up. I keep remembering fewer and fewer parts of it, so I'm going to write it down before I forget it all.

I was getting married.
Yes, to Jacob.
Some of the dream was from my perspective, some was in that third-person style. I was wearing a wedding dress but I don't remember what it looked like-- it was standard.

The wedding itself wasn't the bulk of the dream-- it was afterward. First, I noticed that people were carrying around inappropriate wedding gifts, like a My Little Pony dream house or something. Unwrapped. Jacob was sitting at a cafeteria-style table talking to some friends (I don't remember who). Then I decided to run an errand *instead* of going to my reception. It was a really sunny day and I went to some town that I don't recognize from real life.

I went home (my real home) and opened a wedding present (yes, it was at my house)... it was a really top-of-the-line dual-cup coffee maker. And I don't drink coffee. I decided to see if it could make tea, and ended up figuring out how to make really good hot chocolate. While I was fiddling with it I heard Bradley yelling for me (not in a panic way). He was in the library so I couldn't really hear him from the kitchen. When I finally went back to hear what he was saying he was yelling at me for something (which I remembered this morning but can't remember now).

That's all I remember now. Kinda vague, but weird enough for me. Anything stick out as interesting? I wasn't going to blog this dream at all, but then I came into work and found out my coworker Christine (23 years old) is engaged now. So that was coincedence enough.
Current Mood: blahweirded out

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09:56 am - where did you go, joe di maggio
Happy birthday, Jacob!

When people talk about other peoples' birthdays, they tend to say something like "makes me realize how old I am." While I'm not going to say that, I AM going to point out that my boyfriend can now legally drink.

Current Mood: bouncyhappy bday!

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December 7th, 2005

01:28 pm - conversation with a teacher
RrrrredFive: Shouldn't you be changing the life of a child?
ShaquitaJ1: eh
ShaquitaJ1: I'll change their lives after Christmas

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11:48 am - b.y.d.h.t.t.M.y.f.i.d.d.D. update
Just got back from mentoring. Only it wasn't mentoring because it was the holiday party and we didn't have a lesson.

My kid's name is Sam. I love this kid. He's awesome.
They do their holiday party like a tea party. The first thing we did was get dressed up-- girls get boas, jewels, hats, and gloves; boys get vests, hats, and ties. ADORABLE.

Then we had delicious desserts and apple juice, and played games. I also got to give Sam his present, which he either loved or is a really good faker. I told him that it was the same author/illustrator as Polar Express and that got him excited. He flipped through and said, "These are really good pictures." Then he told me that he couldn't wait to read it tonight, and he propped it up on his desk. Like, opened it so that it stood. It made me really happy. I love sharing books.

I'm back now. There really isn't a lot of work waiting on me here. Ried came in and I told him about my office, etc. He says I should move into the office without waiting for Matt to tell me to. ...That's not going to happen.

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