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b.y.d.h.t.t.M.y.f.i.d.d.D. update - A NEW SHADE OF RED

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HouSe of LeAVeS

December 7th, 2005

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11:48 am - b.y.d.h.t.t.M.y.f.i.d.d.D. update
Just got back from mentoring. Only it wasn't mentoring because it was the holiday party and we didn't have a lesson.

My kid's name is Sam. I love this kid. He's awesome.
They do their holiday party like a tea party. The first thing we did was get dressed up-- girls get boas, jewels, hats, and gloves; boys get vests, hats, and ties. ADORABLE.

Then we had delicious desserts and apple juice, and played games. I also got to give Sam his present, which he either loved or is a really good faker. I told him that it was the same author/illustrator as Polar Express and that got him excited. He flipped through and said, "These are really good pictures." Then he told me that he couldn't wait to read it tonight, and he propped it up on his desk. Like, opened it so that it stood. It made me really happy. I love sharing books.

I'm back now. There really isn't a lot of work waiting on me here. Ried came in and I told him about my office, etc. He says I should move into the office without waiting for Matt to tell me to. ...That's not going to happen.

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Date:December 7th, 2005 07:48 pm (UTC)
I keep imagining them telling you to move to the basement and "Take care of the little...um...yeah...cockroach problem."

If you move in now, and convince them you belong there, do you get squatter's rights?

...because that's cool

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