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dream on you little girl - A NEW SHADE OF RED

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HouSe of LeAVeS

December 8th, 2005

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11:00 am - dream on you little girl
I had a really odd dream last night. The kind that leaves you with residual emotion when you wake up. I keep remembering fewer and fewer parts of it, so I'm going to write it down before I forget it all.

I was getting married.
Yes, to Jacob.
Some of the dream was from my perspective, some was in that third-person style. I was wearing a wedding dress but I don't remember what it looked like-- it was standard.

The wedding itself wasn't the bulk of the dream-- it was afterward. First, I noticed that people were carrying around inappropriate wedding gifts, like a My Little Pony dream house or something. Unwrapped. Jacob was sitting at a cafeteria-style table talking to some friends (I don't remember who). Then I decided to run an errand *instead* of going to my reception. It was a really sunny day and I went to some town that I don't recognize from real life.

I went home (my real home) and opened a wedding present (yes, it was at my house)... it was a really top-of-the-line dual-cup coffee maker. And I don't drink coffee. I decided to see if it could make tea, and ended up figuring out how to make really good hot chocolate. While I was fiddling with it I heard Bradley yelling for me (not in a panic way). He was in the library so I couldn't really hear him from the kitchen. When I finally went back to hear what he was saying he was yelling at me for something (which I remembered this morning but can't remember now).

That's all I remember now. Kinda vague, but weird enough for me. Anything stick out as interesting? I wasn't going to blog this dream at all, but then I came into work and found out my coworker Christine (23 years old) is engaged now. So that was coincedence enough.
Current Mood: blahweirded out

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Date:December 8th, 2005 04:09 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I like that. Anyone else?
Date:December 8th, 2005 05:17 pm (UTC)
I think what HL said is a damn brilliant and insightful interpretation. I think the fact that today is Jacob's last major milestone birthday until 30 may have triggered the "I don't wanna grow up, 'cause baby if I did, I couldn't be a Toys R Us Kid" moment in your subconscious.

Right on, HL. Cyber-five!

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